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Are Purifiers/Distillers slowly killing you because of environmental changes?

A Washington Post article describes the electron home water machine patent 5,203,970 and subsequent John Ellis foreign patents as “movements of water from one metal tank to another” producing such amazing results as many as 10,000 people/day showed up to fill their containers with water!! In addition, US Patent 6,409,888 B1 describes how the water is exposed to ozone 100s of times/gallon. This method increased the exposure time required for various organisms found on the destruction chart. Every gallon of water receives up to 3 1/2 hours of exposure time, not a few seconds like ordinary ozonators that don’t allow enough destruction time.

The only water in the world that kills pathogens!

Just mix 1 oz of our water into 1 gallon of the water you are drinking now, mix a  few drops of our water into a glass of water or buy a machine and make all of your own drinking water!!  Shipped in glass bottles, corked and shrink wrapped like champagne!  Treats 12 Gallons or even better drink it straight!

This information is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. Statements contained herein have not be evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration, as in all health situations, as was done in this report, qualified professionals should be consulted. PROTECTED BY FOREIGN and UNITED STATES PATENTS 6,612,090 (15 claims) – METHOD PATENT 5,203,970 & 6,409,888 and patents pending.

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