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True Story of Healing (Email)

In a message dated 3/4/15, a customer writes:

Dear John:

As you know, I have been buying your E5 water machines for about four years and sending them as gifts to friends and relatives all over the world…from Andorra to Monaco. Of course water is getting worse everywhere and there are pollutants in water the public doesn’t know about because they don’t test for them in a standard water test! Fortunately, you have the only product that re-boils and exposes the water to Ultraviolet disinfection 100’s of times per gallon to make sure the water is SAFE! No other product does that while also producing two types of water that will go through your SKIN and I understand why you are receiving humanitarian gifts for E5 machines to be sent to Africa where they are getting good results! It’s amazing…there is NO QUESTION that this is the only water that can go through your skin and produce results unlike any other water! That’s why, to maintain my health, it’s the only water I will drink and I also wash my hair and bathe in the water…it’s wonderful! Now, in my 94th year, all I can say is ” You have made a great contribution to mankind!”

I was interested in the novel way an 80 year old retired Professor with two Chemical Engineering Degrees from MIT developed a method  to prove how this water will go through your skin without using the scientific means available. This is because you mentioned my good friend Howard W. Johnson who I met in Europe during WW2. He became the President of MIT and you found a book he wrote detailing our wartime experiences for which I received The Cross of Malta. Your comment about the Marquis de Lafayette was also of interest because I have a relative that was a direct descendant of the Marquis which is an interesting parallel because you have an Engineering Degree from Lafayette College which I understand included Steam Plant Engineering!

My Best Wishes!

Gilbert Columb de Daunant (Prince Rainier’s Cousin)


In a message dated 12/22/14, a customer writes:

John Ellis,

Hi, I received your Crystal Clear, on Sat 20 Dec 2014. The machine is well received, this is my second machine. Thank you, thank you, thank you. The machine is so well made. John Ellis, bless you for all the good work you do. “You are great.”

Sincerely,  SF


In a message dated 4/14/2010 5:57:39 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, bruce@********.*** writes:

I did click on the John Ellis water link. Is that for real? If so, I would sacrifice $1,500 USD to buy and send a machine back to China.

Yes, it is for real. My wife has ovarian cancer.   In my wifes case, she started drinking John Ellis Water and when they operated on her, the cancer (still identifiable as cancer) was reduced to a sandy granular substance that does not attack flesh (which is how cancer kills). Her CA125 is still elevated, but the cancer is not doing anything. Because she has chronic pancreatitis, her immune system is already gone, which means chemo or radiation would kill her. She had the surgery about three years ago. Her condition has not changed. Among the papers I found on Johns website, and used in an ad for him came from a news article written by the Washington Post about 20 years ago about a miracle wellin Mexico. People were coming from hundreds of miles, carrying jugs to fill from this mans well. The well was purified with Johns water. Thousands of miraculous cures were reported. When the Washington Post interviewed the man, he told them there was no miracle water, only water purified by Crystal Clears distillation process. The Post persisted in reporting the miracle. You can reach John at (845) 754-8696


In a message dated 9-15-2010 8:39 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time, meow3 @**net writes:

Does Crystal Clear market the higher bond angle water for purchase in America?  My mom is borderline for needing 02 at night, and I am wondering if this water could help her neuropathy in her legs due to poor circulation.  Makes sense that if not enough 02 is reaching her extremities, that a boost would help.  Also might help her fight the chronic urinary tract infections she has had for 20 years.  The brain is also dependent on an adequate supply of 02 – would be worth trying to see if her cognitive function would improve.  I am reaching, but it is not like filling someone full of drugs that could have nasty side effects.    Jo

(Crystal Clear – www.Johnelliswater.com)

Yes, they do.  I am sending this e-mail over to John Ellis.  Hopefully, whomever opens the mail at Crystal Clear will print this off for John.  They sell the distillers that do it, and the bottled water.  The bottled water is here, on his website: www.johnelliswater.com.  While I know first hand the curative powers of that water, John or one of his people can probably answer your question far better than I.  My wifes stage four ovarian cancer turned to a sandy, granular substance that, while still cancer under the microscope, does not attach itself and devour the flesh.  My wifes oncologist (depending who you speak to, is the first, second, or third best oncologist in the United States and, he consults with the other two on every case he has, and they likewise, consult with him).  When he saw what happened with my wifes cancer, he was baffled.  The three oncologists have decided to call her cancer, near cancer.  I did not learn, until about three months ago, that the same thing happened to the cancer in the Sloan Kettering survivor I mentioned in the article.


To John Ellis:                                   February 2, 2010

Since I bought my 3 Litter bottle last December I feel so different – Have more energy and less aches and pains in my body. I am 81 years young now. ( 82 in April ) Feb 2008 I went off all ( about 15 ) drugs I was taking – What a difference that made in my body! Now even my oldest son went off all his drugs too  – He will be 58 in March! Thanks a million! G. S. Appleton, WI

Mr. John Ellis,    COPD TESTIMONY                     May 29, 2009

My Name is Daryl Cook and live in B, New York. A little over a year ago, I ordered my first bottle of John Ellis Water, to see if the claims were true as to the nature of your water. When I received my first bottle, I followed the instructions, and added about ten drops of your water to each 16.9 oz bottle of drinking water I drank. I have to admit I could not believe as I drank the water, I could actually feel the oxygen going into my body. After using your water in this way for several bottles, I was feeling much better than I had before using your water.

In October of 2006, I was diagnosed with asbestosis, and had constant pain in my whole chest cavity. COPD was also diagnosed, both from working almost 20 years in Boiler Plants. My doctor had me on a Compressor/Nebulizer, using Albuterol Sulfate Inhalation solution to help my breathing. But unfortunately it did not help with the inflammation in my chest cavity. I thought I would try your water, instead of the Albuterol Sulfate. I felt it could not hurt, as I probably inhaled at least that amount of water [as steam] when I showered each day. The results were immediate and miraculous. As I inhaled the vapor from the Nebulizer, I could actually feel the oxygen getting into my lungs, and the inflammation went away. I found that if I use the water in this way for 3-4 days, I can go 1-2 weeks without anything until the inflammation begins to come back. Breathing outside in the winter is much easier, with little to no pain.

I was seeing a Pulmonary Specialist for the COPD/Asbestosis on 6 month intervals and I told him what I was doing at the end of one of my visits and he just looked at me and walked out of the room. Six months later when I went to see him, I told him again that I had stopped using the Abuterol Sulfate and was just using the John Ellis water (about 3-4 cc), he listened to my chest. He said my chest was completely clear and to keep doing what I was doing. He also said I would have to see him once a year now.

One more thing. My grandson is 9 years old now, but was born 2 months pre-mature. In January of this year, my daughter-in-law brought him and my granddaughter to my house, to take them to school a few hours later. I noticed my grandson had a Kroop cough. I got the Nebulizer out, and had him breathe the John Ellis Water [3 cc]. Before we left for school, the cough was gone completely.

I can not say enough about Mr Ellis and his water. As soon as I am able to I will be purchasing one of his machines. Both of my grandkids call the treated water. Magic Water, and I will continue to call it just that.

Thank You very much Mr. Ellis,       Daryl Cook          July 2009


If it were not for John Ellis Water, I have no confidence I could survive the barrage of viruses, pathogens  and otherwise dangerous cooties being coughed my way. Unlike many scoffers, I have direct experience with John Ellis Water, and know it to be more effective than anything, including blood purifiers.
Before drinking John Ellis Water I had been using the John Beck-endorsed Blood Purifier made by Sota Instruments. It worked, and staved off most viral illness, killing infections efficiently. Unfortunately, I got deathly ill with meningitis, and the machine could not save me, even after using it 4-5 times weekly for a year and a half.
I had seen the ads for John Ellis Water in Mother Earth News a couple of years ago, but could not afford the machine. Great fortune for all, they made it available in corked, glass bottles. It was the only thing I was using, and my meningitis was cured. I subsequently  developed cervical cancer, which is also being strongly addressed by John Ellis Water. It goes right to the ailment, whatever it is.  I had to leave my employment when I contracted meningitis, and subsequently lost my health insurance. I do not know if all of the cancer is gone, but I went from daily, horrendous pain (which was rapidly spreading), to no pain at all. Even though I do not have definitive allopathic proof of the cancer being in remission, the relief of pain is good enough for now. It is working, and I assume it will continue to work. I guess if you are sick enough, your mind opens.
7/22/2009 8:14:51 PM

I own a John Ellis machine. For me, the machine causes several noticeable things to happen. First, I can feel my hands and feet getting very warm after drinking 2 cups. Second, when urinating, I have no difficulty passing the water after drinking it. Prior to using his machine I had difficulty with urination – I am a 49 year old male. Third, it causes an increase in erections at night without any medication or supplements. My cats have a noticeable increase in energy after drinking the water. I firmly believe that the circulation of oxygen in my blood is improved by using the water based on how I feel and how my body reacts to it. At my age, this is an incredible discovery and a great advantage for me. I congratulate John Ellis for his work.

Gary in Oklahoma


Dear Mr.Ellis,                                                      6-29-09

I will get one of your machines soon.Your product helps me tremendously! Headaches are gone immediately. Improved vision with the first gallon I drank. Your product is the health plan I need!
G.G. Mississippi


May 26, 2009

Please send me another bottle of that fine water. It helps me alot. I am 85 but it makes me feel like I am 60. Thanks Milton B.  Louisiana.


3/10/2009 1:26:38 PM

I am a naturopathic doctor and I have a John Ellis machine. I would not use anything else! I really notice a big difference in how I feel when I run out. While I am distilling another batch I have to drink water from my reverse osmosis machine. It can not compare to the Ellis water. I have had the machine for about 2 years now and love it. Whenever I have had a question, or a rare problem, they are very helpful on the phone. I have never come away feeling as if my question was not answered or that they were not concerned with me as a customer.

Even my dog loves the water. He will drink bowls of it as opposed to the few mouthfuls of reverse osmosis water that he will drink. Come to find out, reverse osmosis water is processed with radiation in order to make the water molecules small enough to go through the holes. NO THANK YOU!! If the Ellis machine ever breaks or wears out, because I use it every other day, then I will certainly buy another one from Mr. Ellis.


1/6/2009 1:02:00 PM

After receiving and using the machine, I have been very happy with the results.  Some of them are remarkable and others are just convenient.

  1. Ice cubes last longer
  2. Friends ask if they can take water home after dinner ( I tell no one about this machine)
  3. Everything taste fresher and better
  4. I am stronger and sharper, at almost 50, than ever before

There are many more benefits, but the bottom line is the machine works and a comparable distilling machine is going to cost at least 1300.  At this level, the extra few hundred is a product you can afford.

The bottom line is that the machine produces a different type of water that can be tasted.  I always get the comment that my water tastes light. Remember, I do not disclose that I am producing the water.  In my area the water is hard and nasty.  Everyone uses purified water in many forms.  We have to.

I am and will be pleased with this purchase for many years.  I just do not want to tell folks my secret. I gave away water for the holidays and everyone was more then happy to get the gift.  Imagine that.  I think that sums it up.


Dear Mr. Ellis,


Thank you for all of your help, patience, and time in answering my many questions and phone call regarding your amazing Living Water and Air Machines. I always try to research in detail everything I can that has to do with any purchase, especially when it comes to equipment and machines. With the topic of water filtration systems it becomes even more involved, with the many products that have been on the market, and the newer ones, all claiming to be the best.

I spoke to many companies, and yet with all theirs claims no one talks about the disease markers and the disease memory that is in all water, no matter what filtration or purification process it went through. No one speaks about electrons that kill the free radicals that cause cancer. No one mentions the fact that all water as we know it, cannot hold free oxygen electrons that act asantioxidants, or free radicals killers. No one talks about the structure of water, and permanently breaking the extremely tight hydrogen bonds, which is the key to having the water products permanently hold these electrons. No one, especially the manufacturers of oxygenated water products, explain the fact that oxygen is a two edged sword. It is needed for life, yet its high reactivity robs electrons and causes free radicals that cause cancer and other diseases. And no one tells us the simple truth that everything is electrons, including you!

And still after all of this, we need proof. Well, we can prove it to ourselves. I do not own a hot tub, but my niece has a small, two inch, fresh water African frog named Henry. These frogs live under the water. He is in a 4 gallon plastic tank with some colored rocks and fish tank decorations. It was filled with tap water. Three months ago I bought a small inexpensive air pump with a small carbon filter, so that I could save my sister the trouble of changing the water every five days. That is all, no chemicals or aquarium products added. Without the air pump and filter, the water would get cloudy and smell after about five days.

I was fortunate enough to get a sample of Electron Energized Distilled Water made from a LWM Electron 4 Machine, and now it was time to prove it myself. I took the air pump and filter out the tank. I left all the same water in the tank, with all of the waste and food from the previous three months. I did not even wipe or clean the sides of the top of the tank above the water line, which were covered with a layer of film. I poured into the tank about 10 oz of the energized distilled, which is equal to about 2% of the 4 gallons. Then I let it sit stagnant and accumulate the waste and decaying food.

It has been 4 weeks and the water is still CRYSTAL CLEAR, and it still smells clean and Henry is doing great. In fact when I first poured it in, he came out of his hiding place.

You do not need to be a rocket scientist to figure out what happened here, nor do you need elaborate testing equipment. When the bacterial infestation gets out of control, you can see it and smell it. This would normally start to happen after about five days, not to mention the fact that each additional day would compound the problem. Just by adding 2% of THE WATER to the water, it has remained clean and clear after 4 weeks. Amazing, powerful, and miraculous. I said to myself, If it can do that to Henrys water, imagine what it can do in your body!

Thank you for making your Living Water and Air Machines available to us, and for increasing the electrons added! The LWM ELECTRON 4 is the most amazing, well built, and ingenious thing I ever bought and I love it. It is a precision work horse! It is hard to believe that something so simple can produce such amazing results. But that is the beauty of simplicity -there is more to it than meets the eye. Underneath the surface, it goes infinitely deep. I thank God that I found out about Crystal Clear and pray that I am able to write to you again with even more miraculous testimonies! Thank you Mr. Ellis and God bless you

Sincerely, Chuck Yagiar


Date:   2/2/2007 8:52:11 PM

Plant root growth is pronounced. I am currently growing a jade plant on my windowsill, for about 3 months, using nothing but the water produced by the Ellis machine. I have added no nutrients. I have not done a side by side experiment, but the water is still crystal clear and the jade is thriving. I also have had aquariums which had their filters turned off for months with no algae growth or smell of any kind. I also have grown an 11 inch ice spike from this water which still amazes most to this day. I can not explain that one, but I have photos!

Subject: Re: John Ellis water machine
From: sesqueterpene-ga on 25 Mar 2006 13:14 PST
I purchased one of the John Ellis machines over a year ago.  I realized
that it was an expensive risk, but I simply had not found any other
water I could drink.  I had tried everything, and everything made me

This water is fantastic.

I noticed a number of significant health benefits on the very first
day.  Drinking this water, I felt better than I had in years.

Call it pseudoscience or quackery or snake oil if you like; but you
have not experienced the difference it can make.

I will not drink anything else.

Comment added by Cary Kelly on 6/3/05
I got the machine myself 1 year ago and would panic at the thought of losing it ever! I began my experience while vacationing 1 week two years in a row with a friend that used the machine. Within 1 day after drinking the water I felt a difference in energy and began to crave the water. The first night I woke up to urinate 3 X! It really makes you go alot and the urine color is so light it does not look like urine. At work I drink 1 liter in 4-5 hrs and have to void at least 4-5 X in that period. On days I forget to bring my water I drink the same amount/same time frame with the leading bottled water and go 1-2 X in 4 hrs! What is that about? My eyes are clear white and I feel fabulous. My house plants and outdoor flower pots and pets thrive on it too.

I do not understand it but I love it! So who cares what the people say that do not use it themselves. Consider it a valuble personal experiment that you will never regret!


Comment added by Dalton Reynolds on 5/24/05
BTW: I bought one several months ago and YES as the Inventor claims, it does everything and then some … There are many uses for the water this  machine  produces … Like it kills a virus in a heart beat …and the health of our baby … perfect water … plants grow bigger … coffee tastes better … my health has improved 100% since drinking the water …. so my advice is to listen to someone that has one of these machines and DO NOT listen to somebody that tells you what they think, knowing that they have not used one … DR


Comment added by Wg Reed on 5/24/05
I have been using the Number Four machine for 18 months. I used it in France and now in South America. Every morning I have trays of ice with vertical growing icicles growing out of my ice trays.

There is zero doubt in my mind that molecular modifications have taken place following the machine processing.

I carry it through international airports and have it with me wherever I go. If I did not know (for sure) about the benefits I get from its use, I would never haul it all over the globe!

Curiously, the frozen processed tap water in France and the water here have the exact same crystalization and appearance. Whereas the unprocessed tap from the same sources, do not. An Ellis ice cube from France and one from here have exactly the same crystalization. The cubes have shoots of pencil shaped ice coming up and out of the cube tray.


Comment added by Andrew Moyle on 8/22/04
I have been drinking electron 4 water for about 9 months. The grey hair that was starting to spread is now almost totally gone. I have been through some fairly severe detoxing but that seems now to be over. My energy levels have never been better and some of those nagging, ongoing illnesses seem to have totally gone. I drink about three litres per day and now I find myself in a panic when I travel overseas for work and cannot take my water. I cannot see myself drinking anything else, ever.
Andrew 43, Australia


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